Solar Power Systems

Making Your Roof Work for You with Solar Shingles

by Joe Cooper

While most homeowners choose standard solar panels that are mounted above the roof and capture solar energy, there are choices available when considering what is best for your home and your energy goals.

Save Energy Using Your Roof
Solar tiles or "shingles" are one of the alternatives to solar panels, and offer a different approach to solar energy.
These shingles have a strong resemblance to asphalt tiles, but they use the same technology as solar panels. A special photovoltaic film covers the top surface of the shingle, capturing the solar energy that would otherwise be wasted on your roof.
Solar shingles offer the great aesthetic benefit of blending in with most roof styles, and other roofs in your neighborhood. Most people may not even realize you have solar panels.

Solar Shingles versus Solar Panels
Homeowners should compare solar shingles to solar panels before making a choice for their home.

Build Your Equity with Your New Solar Roof
Some solar shingle companies report that homeowners have been able to increase the value of their home by as much as 10 percent. Home values traditionally vary by region, but solar energy does have the potential to increase your home's value and its energy efficiency at once.
This value factor should be an important point to remember when considering shingles. Even though they come at a higher cost, they can lead to a higher home value for their aesthetic features.

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