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Solar Panels: Resisting Weather to Bring Energy Savings to Your Home

by Joe Cooper

Newer technology has made solar panels resistant against almost all types of harsh weather, making the investment in energy efficiency a good one for many homeowners.

Using Solar Energy in Areas of Harsh Weather
Solar energy is captured from light, not heat, so as long as your home receives direct sunlight, you could benefit from solar power. Solar panels can work even climates with harsh weather like cold, rain, and snow.
Solar panels are now made from weather-resistant metals that prevent rusting, corrosion, and erosion. Proper installation helps ensure that the mounting systems remain intact in areas of high wind, and even hailstorms usually aren't enough to damage solar panel systems.

Solar Energy Facts

It's important to remember that even on cloudy days, solar panels are still at work. It is only when light is blocked completely from the panels that no energy is captured. The two most common sources of prevention of capturing solar energy are shade and nighttime.
Proper solar panel installation is typically one of the most important elements to the weather-resistance of your solar panels, so you should hire a professional to manage your installation.

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