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Giving Your Home Distinction and Curb Appeal with Solar Energy Systems

by Joe Cooper

Installing solar energy systems shows up on "Top 10" lists on home selling as well as on long-term tips on extending the life of your home. Brightly shining solar panels or shingles can gives your home distinction in your neighborhood, and can let buyers know that substantial energy savings come with that new home.

Increase Your Appeal
When buyers drive up to a home and see solar panels on the roof, they should know they're moving into a progressive green home, a home that can save them money. If aesthetics are taken into consideration when the solar panels are installed, they can add a certain distinction to both newer and older homes. Homes with solar shingles can do this even more effectively, as they can blend with the other roofs in the neighborhood.
Today's solar energy technology is traditionally designed to be more efficient and with aesthetics in mind, making appearance as important as energy conservation. However, solar panels can be a deterrent for home buyers with different values, so you want to make sure it increases your curb appeal and does not detract from your home's appearance. You can do this by making sure your solar panels are installed parallel with the borders of your roof to maximize its appearance. If the sun-facing portions of your roof face toward your street, this is especially important. 

Start a Green Home Marketing Campaign
By marketing your home as a "green home," you can directly target buyers who are looking for homes with energy efficient upgrades. These buyers are usually more particular, knowing exactly what they want in an energy efficient home. By completing a few other upgrades too--energy efficient appliances, water-conserving bath hardware, double-pane windows--you can package these features together and put some force behind your green home marketing campaign.

More than Just Looks
It's not just curb appeal that can increase with the installation of solar panels on your home. Your home's value can be positively affected. Some real estate reports state that for ever $1,000 you save in energy bills per year, your home value can increase by as much as $20,000. 
Solar shingles have been known to increase a home's value even more, as they blend in with your home's roof and are even less noticeable.

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About the Author
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