Solar Power Systems

Save $$$ on Your Home's Energy Bill

By Amelia Gray

Looking for a solution to rising energy bills? Consider using solar panels to turn your ordinary home into a green home. Solar energy is an efficient way to save money while doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Energy Offers a Green Solution
The solar cells found in solar panels convert sunlight directly into DC power. An inverter then converts that DC power into AC power you can use in your home. It's a relatively simple process involving sturdy equipment with no moving parts. If you live in a sunny area and your rooftop is exposed to plenty of daily light, rooftop solar panels may be ideal.

Solar systems are designed to interact with utility power, meaning you're never in the dark overnight or during a cloudy week. When no natural light is available, your system automatically switches to utility power.

Green Homes and Unexpected Savings
Concerned about the cost and hassle of installing rooftop solar panels? Ease your worry and save your budget by finding solar energy rebate plans in your area. A number of local and statewide programs reward their citizens for choosing green home energy solutions like solar panels. Your rebate may come in the form of an energy credit, installation discount, or even a check. See your local energy utility for details.

Keep Rooftop Solar Panels Running
A low maintenance requirement for residential solar panels means another cost-saver for your green home project. While the batteries in a solar panel setup may need to be changed every five to ten years, a quick yearly system check is all that's typically required to keep your solar panels up and running.

Solar panels are just one way to create big savings on your long-term energy costs. Using the sun's power to convert light into energy, your home saves you money and looks attractive to potential buyers.

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