Keep Swimming Pool Costs Low and Enjoyment High
by Lorraine Watkins

If you have a swimming pool, whether it's an above- or in-ground pool, here are five tips to keep your pool sparkling and your pool costs low:

  1. Keep it Covered
    A pool cover is one of the best investments you can make for your pool. First, a cover keeps out debris, reducing the time your filter needs to run, saving you electricity and extending the life of your filter clay. A cover also reduces evaporation, saving you water. By reducing evaporation, a cover also conserves heat, an energy savings (if you heat your pool.)

  2. Keep it Clean
    Another way to keep pool costs down is to monitor your water with a water kit. Water kept in the proper pH balance needs fewer chemicals to bring it back to sanitary standards. And with a water kit, you won't be wasting chemicals by adding more than conditions require. In other words, don't guess; measure.

    And speaking of clean, don't forget to inspect the basket in your pump every week to be sure there is no debris impeding the flow of water through the system.

  3. Keep it Serviced
    Your swimming pool is more energy and chemical efficient when the pump and filter are serviced regularly. If you do not have the time to check your water, filter and pump every week, you may actually save money in the long run by hiring a pool service.

    You should also inspect the pool and decks annually to be sure there are no hairline fractures in your fiberglass pool or concrete enclosure. Small fractures can become big leaks if left unattended.

  4. Let the Sunshine in
    If you heat your pool, you might consider resurfacing or repainting it with a sun absorbing liner or paint. A dark pool compared with the traditional blue, absorbs more light, reducing the energy you need to keep your pool comfortable.

    Solar panel heating is another pool cost saving consideration, especially if it serves your whole house, as you may be eligible for discounts and rebates from your energy supplier or municipality.

  5. Get a Deal
    Finally, since chemicals and water kits are necessary for keeping your pool sanitary and safe, you can't go wrong by buying these supplies on sale or in bulk.

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About the Author
Lorraine Watkins is a freelance business writer and marketing consultant. She is a graduate of California State University, East Bay with an MA in English.

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