House Cleaning
Spring into a Clean House
by Roger Diez
Ah, Spring! The time of year when the flowers bloom, the birds sing, and you get the urge to transform yourself into a lean, mean house cleaning machine . . . or hire one.
Spring Cleaning is a Tradition
Housecleaning as a rite of spring is a longstanding tradition in our culture. Just as nature is reborn in the spring, so do you feel the need to renew and refurbish your personal surroundings. A clean house can make you feel refreshed and ready for entertaining and other activities. It also takes a lot of work, and your time may be limited by other responsibilities and activities.
Leave Housecleaning to the Professionals
With your time constraints in mind, you might want to look into professional cleaning services. These range from specialized companies such as carpet cleaners and window washers to complete housekeeping services that will clean your house from attic to basement. There are lots of housekeeping services companies listed in the phone book, and some are better than others. Before you hire a service, check their references. Better yet, get a recommendation from someone you know and trust who has used that service. And make sure that they provide all the house cleaning tasks you need. Nothing is more frustrating and annoying than finding a dirty range hood or cobwebs in the corner after writing a check for what you thought was a clean house.
And remember, a truly good cleaning service is a treasure beyond price.

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