House Cleaning

Maid Services: Goodbye Holiday Destruction, Hello Clean House

With the sheer number of "to-do" items that pile up during the holidays, finding the wherewithal to keep a clean house becomes increasingly difficult. But the good news is--you don't have to. A maid service is just what the home doctor ordered. Housecleaning businesses are clamoring for your business; all you have to do is make the first call.

Housecleaning Service Mysteries Explained
If you've never hired a maid service before, here's quick primer. Housekeepers can be secured on a routine basis or for a "one time" cleaning. The price for an extended contract is often much less than a single visit, but many homeowners appreciate the service on special occasions--the holidays or while they're out of town. Typically, the professional meets with you to discuss the depth of the job and agree on terms.

Many housecleaning services use your materials. That means you need to have cleaning supplies on hand. They usually bring the heavy machines--vacuum cleaner or floor waxer--to save you money that you'd otherwise spend renting these items yourself.

How to Hire a Maid Service
Although the housecleaning service industry is largely unregulated, a legitimate housecleaning services generally has staff who are highly trained, professional, insured, and bonded. To ensure a positive experience, you might want to obtain a referral from a friend or relative.

Meet with potential hires in person and walk them around your home. Decide on the areas to be cleaned and the services to be performed and secure a firm price up front. This reduces misunderstandings after the job is completed. If your maid service does an exceptionally good job, tipping a percentage of the total bill is appropriate, through not a requirement.

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