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Extending the Life of Your Home by Keeping It Clean

by Joe Cooper

Keeping your home clean isn't always as easy at it sounds. With a full-time job and a family, daily and deep cleaning can take several hours per week. Many homeowners choose to hire a maid or cleaning service to help them preserve their time with their family. But it helps preserve more than that.

Properly and regularly cleaning your home can help extend its life and protect it against the test of time. A mortgage is investment enough, let alone the cost of ongoing repairs. Minimize these repairs as much as possible by keeping your house as clean as it can be.

The Basics of Clean
Here are some basic benefits of hiring a maid or a cleaning service to keep your home clean:

  • Preservation of materials. . Materials like granite in the kitchen, hardwood flooring, and glass windows and fixtures, need constant maintenance in order to look their best and perform their functions. Keeping them clean extends their life and helps them look their best.
  • Protection against pests. Keeping food contained, trash sealed, and your surfaces sanitary keep away pests of all kinds. Ants, termites, and rats can damage your homes infrastructure and lead to costly repairs, not to mention extended discomfort.

Spend Time on Your House More Effectively
Most homeowners hire a maid or cleaning service for weekly appointments of a few hours each. Cleaning professionals are equipped with the equipment and supplies to clean more efficiently than most homeowners, creating more time, energy, and cost savings for them. This time can translate into investing more time in other substantial home projects, increasing the function, value, and ultimately, the life of your home.

Clean Homes Are About Health, Too
The community-based project "Health and Hygiene Promotion Partnership" just released the results of its recent study on hygiene and sanitation. The organization reported that keeping a home clean helped protect against disease and illness. These conditions can range from respiratory, to skin, to gastrointestinal.

When your home is healthy, your family is healthy. These are two of the most important things in life, and deserve the best protection.

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