Lawn Treatment

Use Lawn Care to Spice up Your Curb Appeal

by Joe Cooper

Want to dramatically change your curb appeal? A healthy, green lawn could be the answer. If lawn care has been on the bottom of your "to do" list, it may be time to make it a priority, as it can have a tremendous impact on your home's appearance. A new approach to lawn care can make a dramatic statement, telling visitors that you are a homeowner who appreciates nice surroundings.

How to Start Your Lawn Care
The first step is to evaluate the health, color and thickness of your lawn. Look for major issues, such as uneven surfaces, areas that slope toward the house, or large weed patches. It is important to look at the amount of sun your lawn receives and select grass seed or sod accordingly. If you find shady areas in your lawn, consider carving out an interesting shade garden instead of fighting to grow grass in the shade.

As you evaluate the situation, you may need to decide whether to revitalize the lawn yourself or hire a lawn service. The decision may vary based on your skills and the nature of work to be completed. If you need major grading and drainage work, truckloads of dirt or large bushes removed, a lawn service may be the best solution. A lawn service can typically complete a project in a day or two. When doing lawn care yourself, be prepared for several weekends of work.

Create a Lawn Maintenance Plan
Developing a green lawn also involves evaluating the soil, eradicating weeds, and creating a lawn maintenance plan. This should include when to fertilize, how often to water, whether to reseed or use sod to fill in gaps, as well as a mowing schedule.

A green lawn does not happen overnight, but can be achieved through planning and dedicated effort. Although t does take some work, the rewards should be well worth the effort.

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