Lawn Treatment

Fall Tips for a Greener Lawn

by Alicia Isero

Your lawn can be a great source of pleasure. Whether you enjoy looking at it or your children like playing on it, maintaining your lawn will give you many seasons and years of attractive and functional landscaping.

Lawn care varies seasonally and your maintenance regime depends on the type of grass. In warmer months, proper watering is crucial. In the fall, you must be meticulous about keeping your lawn free of leaves. Leaves covering your lawn trap moisture. At this time of year, your grass does not need constant dampness. The leaves will also create darkness and constant shade. Dark and damp ground covering produce mushrooms.

Fall Lawn Maintenance Chores
Regardless of the weather certain tasks will keep your lawn in shape. In autumn, the following are particularly important:

  • Kill broadleaf weeds. Consult with a lawn service professional for recommendation for the best lawn weed killer. Broadleaf weeds can infest a lawn and take control.
  • Test soil acidity. A nursery or home center should be able to test a sample of your lawn soil for proper acidity and recommend treatment for your lawn based on the soil results.
  • Aerate the lawn. Make an appointment for lawn services or rent aeration equipment. Aeration removes plugs of soil and grass and helps reduce soil compaction. Loosening the soil can make your lawn greener next spring.
  • Rake leaves. Buildup of leaves can cause excessive moisture and darkness and can lead to overgrowth of mushrooms and weeds.
  • Maintain lawn equipment. During the colder months when mowers are used less, proper cleaning, oiling, and rust prevention will keep your equipment in prime condition.
  • Water. Even though the weather is cooler, your lawn still needs watering.
  • Fertilize. Although fertilizer type depends on the variety of grass you own, discuss fertilizing procedures with your local nursery.
  • Adjust mowing height. A professional can give you definitive guidelines on the most advantageous mowing height. As the weather cools, lawn growth slows. Therefore, increasing the grass height can improve the look and strength of your lawn.

Regular lawn maintenance and treatment will maintain a greener lawn, provide a fun space for outdoor play, and present an attractive view for you and neighbors.


About the Author
Alicia S. Isero is a contract freelance writer. She has worked in Executive Education and Alumni Relations at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business for over 15 years. She has extensive background in professional development, event planning, marketing, collateral design, and building relationships.

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