Why You Should Interview Your Plumber and What You Should Ask
Plumbing, beyond clearing a clogged toilet, is a mystery to most of us. This explains why you can find page after page of plumbers listed in the local phone book. Just because someone appears to have mastered that mystery, however, doesn't mean he (or she) is the right plumber for you. If you're in dire need of plumbing help

Plumbers Plumb (Whatever That Means)
We all know that plumbers fix clogged toilets and drains. But what else do they do? What, exactly, does it mean to "plumb" anyway?

How to Find a Good Plumber
Finding a plumber is easy--you can find dozens of them listed in the phone book. Finding a good plumber is a little more difficult, but is well worth the effort because the consequences of shoddy plumbing work can be disastrous.